Reiki is a simple healing art that channels universal energy for deep relaxation, stress reduction and energetic balancing while enhancing the body, mind and spirit connection. It boosts the body’s immune system and promotes overall health and well being. Reiki can do no harm and will always work for your highest good.

Reiki is life force energy guided by our Higher Power. Reiki has no religious connections, but is deeply spiritual in nature. Reiki brings about the relaxation response. ELF, extremely low frequency signals, are emitted from the Reiki practitioners’ hands during treatments.

Reiki is not a substitute for traditional Western medicine. It is an integrative therapy that is used in conjunction with more traditional modalities. Reiki is, “smart energy,” that is to say; it knows which areas of the body that are most in need of attention. It will flow to specific areas where suffering and imbalance are prevalent. Again, it is always used for your highest good and can do no harm.

Reiki is often used for:

♥ Relaxation and stress reduction
♥ Relief from anxiety
♥ Relief from pain
♥ Enhancing the body’s own ability to heal
♥ Comfort during the dying process
♥ To restore restful sleep
♥ To promote mental clarity and a sense of well being

Reiki can be used for everyone! People of all ages can benefit from Reiki treatments. Animals also love Reiki. Reiki energy can cross the barriers of time and space.

The Reiki Ideals
Just for today,
I will let go of anger.
Just for today,
I will let go of worry.
Just for today,
I will give thanks for my many blessings.
Just for today,
I will do my work honestly.
Just for today,
I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.